Live Sessions

I love working directly with individuals and groups in exploring Mindfulness.  The live sessions are interactive and insightful, building on the experience of the group.  Sign up before the start time and you will be sent a link via Zoom to join the session.  Pay the price for the class or contact me if joining the class for free best suits your circumstances right now.


New to Mindfulness?  Join me for a free taster session, then regular weekly meditations sessions to start developing your own  practice.


 More experienced in meditation?  Deepen your personal practice through individual sessions that allows you to explore new ways of connecting with your experience.


Fancy learning some coaching to support your well being?  Then join me for a short course.  I'm offering four modules, online, to help you connect with yourself and the world around you, even if you can not go out just now.


Ready to learn mindfulness for yourself?  Join me for a 6 or 8 week course in MBCT.