Coaching and Leadership Development

Fulfilling your potential

I have spent the last 20 years working with individuals and teams to help them achieve the outcomes they want. My style of high challenge and high support defines me as a coach, consultant and trainer. I work to create an environment of openness, offer insights to address the most important issues, and remain resolute enough to make sure they are dealt with fully and honestly.

My coaching is often underpinned by psychometrics and Neuro Linguistic Programming, both of which which I have successfully used with individuals, teams and boards.  I also offer a core range of leadership development training.  Intrigued by the need for balance to sustain high performance, I have also qualified in Mindfulness in the workplace to add additional dimensions to some of my work.

Please contact me to discuss your specific coaching and leadership development needs, so I can design the solution for you.


Feedback following initial 2-hour coaching session.

  • I am working more productively, able to plan and prioritise and allocate space to get things done.

  • I am enjoying work now (I’d forgotten a bit how that feels!). Looking forward to coming in recently as it doesn’t feel so overwhelming and unmanageable.

  • I am feeling calmer about work and more in control.

  • I am sleeping better.

  • I have better quality time off (as not worrying so much about work)”.


Palliative Care Nurse CNS