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My name is Jane Young

I'm a Mindfulness Instructor, Pilates Teacher and an experienced Business Coach.  I first learnt such skills for my own wellbeing.  For more than 20 years now, I have also shared them with people in different ways:  leading meditations in luxury spas; coaching business people, one to one; and supporting teams – today, for example, helping NHS teams through their new and extraordinary challenges.

Entering lockdown yet again, I’m offering you new ways to work with me, on-line, often for free.  Be kind to yourself, find better balance and new resources here:

  • Check the “meditations” tab for 30 free guided meditations.  You could listen to a five minute session on your phone whilst out walking?  Or you could follow a meditation like finding joy, that nurtures you just when you need it.

  • Join others in a live, on-line Mindfulness session.  If you’ve never experienced how beneficial this can be, join a free, drop-in session.  Other sessions with specific focus are for limited numbers and are booked and paid on-line.  Details of different events are on the “Live Sessions” tab.

  • Four week Mindfulness for Wellbeing course.  Starting 20th January and booked on a first come first served basis as places are limited.  You will learn skills in four tailored sessions: Finding a sense of Balance and Calm, Daily Mindful Moments, Managing your state when you feel Anxious and Overwhelmed, Building your Personal Resources.  These practical skills will help you retain, revive and maintain your well-being.  £150 for the four week course.

  • One to one coaching.  Difficult circumstances need you to bring your best.  I am currently supporting business leaders, private clients and front line NHS staff to find that for themselves.  Book under the “Coaching” tab or contact me directly to discuss.  NHS staff receive 50% discount.

I look forward to helping you to find ways to unwind, rebalance or take charge.  


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The Mindfulness Coach

Unwind, rebalance, take charge


Coaching Sessions

Living and working remotely is a new reality.  Under these new circumstances, an outside perspective can help you organise your thoughts and decisions - whether in work or life - in order to think and act resourcefully.

I coach business people and private clients to work through issues big and small; long-term or immediate.


I am a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and am qualified to use various psychometric tools including Myers Briggs and Dimensions.  

I've worked with private individuals, hospice staff and leadership teams; designers and bankers.

Contact me to arrange a 1:1 session.


Mindfulness Sessions

Mindfulness practice can help people meet challenges, cope with new situations, increase calm or contentment, reduce anxiety and improve mood.


I have proved this with shift workers at an oil refinery, NHS professionals at the Maudsley hospital and spa members; both in person and on-line.


I qualified as a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy instructor at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre in 2017.  


Join me in a guided Mindful meditation and see what it gives you.

"Life is a giant classroom"

Arianna Huffinton

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